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walk your way through NYC the vegan way

Experienced, foodie guides who "speak" vegan

Our guides all have a huge passion for vegan restaurants, food and drinks (you might even call it an obsession) and will show you some of the highlights this city has to offer - we'll be honest, however, experiencing everything New York has to offer is impossible! We'll do all the research for you, so all you have to do is show up and eat along! Sightseeing has never been this enjoyable as on this walking tour in New York. This is a vegan foodie experience unlike any other.

Green tours


We're trying to keep our environmental impact as small as possible by not using any plastic cutlery/plates on our tours, giving preference to locally grown and produced tastings, supporting vegan restaurants and using our feet and public transportation to get around - this is a walking tour in New York after all!

Fresh, unique tastings


There's always something new to discover in vegan New York and then, there are staples such as bagels, New York pizza, both of which are now available as vegan options! We'll have something for everybody - whether you like sweet or savory, we got you covered. Of course, we will also offer suggestions for vegan restaurants to try beyond this tour.

Vegan Tours We Offer

Vegan walking tour in the East Village


Join us on a vegan food walk, passing some of the East Village's best vegan restaurants. This is an area full of students, great coffee shops, shops and bars and definitely worth more than just one visit.

Vegan walking tour in Williamsburg & Greenpoint

Greenpoint mural at a local bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is now synonymous with Hipsters and its culinary offerings reflect that as well. You'll find lots of vegan restaurants in the area, plus it's a great place for shopping unique gifts and clothing. Greenpoint is a traditionally Polish neighborhood, but now offers some of the best vegan pizza in all of New York City!

Vegan walking tour in Prospect Heights & Crown Heights

Beautiful townhouses in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

These predominantly residential neighborhoods are often overlooked by visitors - yet there's so much to see and do here. Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens or the Brooklyn Museum before joining out tour, then eat your way through this part of the city.

Donating to charity

As a vegan tour company, we strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. 

Therefore, we are donating a portion of our profits to animal sanctuaries, rescue groups and green initiatives. Sanctuaries in the New York area include Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Catskills Animal Sanctuary among others.

If there's a charity you particularly like, email us and we'll see whether we can support them!

About Us

Vegan Tours NY was born out of a passion for vegan food and traveling and since there is no other tour company offering Vegan Food Tours in New York City, we decided to do just that!


New York City is like heaven on earth for vegans, yet deciding on where to go and what to try can be a challenge, besides, it's much more fun to explore the city in a small group. 

Our credo is "walk your way through NYC the vegan way" since we feel that walking is the best way to experience city life.

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